A .R .E  Working together

Budapest residency 

During the residency we didn’t have any starting point but were searching and experimenting with movement material to establish a starting point. We were looking for something to start with either movement or an image and searching how many  different way can we start creating.

We had to find the similar way for communication and also to understand where we are going with this material. After a long processes  everything become clear. We have were given a lot of direction, giving us ideas and options with what we were going to do with this material.

For as it was a big freedom in the beginning of the residency to collaborate from the unknown but this freedom was the beautiful because we got to see how many ways this could go. I would say at the moment this is my way to start working. Sometimes I am looking for something very special or sometimes I come in with nothing in mind but just have a feeling or use my imagination to create  what I want to use and after is become something else.

Performers: Riccardo de Simone, Elton Argiris Lemno, Attila Andrási
Music: Zsolt Wagner
Video: Bálint Kovács
Supporters: Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Workshop Foundation Budapest, SÍN Arts and Culture Center Budapest.