A. R. E

While I was studying at SEAD, I invited two of my colleagues from SEAD to spend some time in Budapest, not just to create but to be introduced to and inspired by Hungarian culture, aesthetics, and environment. This was an informal residency, self-founded and supported by the Budapest Dance Academy, Workshop Foundation, and the SÍN Arts Culture Centre.

We all were curious about how to establish knowledge from an unknown process. We worked intuitively and began to produce explicit knowledge in the co-authored creative environment. For the procedure, it was essential to have democratic and equivalent creative input, as well to define and articulate our process and methods.

The operational process I created, which I called '10 Body Parts’, was a method to synchronise the body and the mind. 10 random chosen body parts were connected with random associative words, images, feelings, and situations with any juxtaposition, which was then framed in space by using body mapping and spatial memory.

Performers: Riccardo de Simone, Elton Argiris Lemno and Attila Andrási

Music: Zsolt Wagner

Video: Bálint Kovács