Audience program

After the outbreak of Covid - 19, I received a small grant from the Hungarian Government in the framework of the Köszönjük Magyarország! program. With this support I made a short presentation of the piece and re-interpreted my previous work from Spain.

Krisztina and I travelled to the Great Southern plains of Hungary and introduced ourselves to the local art schools and villages. Some of these places had never experienced a contemporary dance performance. Badasrag is inspired by the duality of childhood and adulthood. The feedback we had from the primary school children helped further the development of the work

Visited places

Kiszombor, Mozgás Éjszakája
Makó, Bartók Béla Általános Iskola
Deszki Hagyomány Napja

Berettyóújfalu, Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
Szeged, Premier Muvészeti Gimázium

Rehearsal Vidos

Photos: Imre Kövágó KNI