Chasing the snails is situated in a Research as Practice: Experiencing perceptual attention through an imaginative movement’s patterns through the lens of somatic movement practice.

In this solo piece, I integrate embodied practice and somatic awareness. I work with active imagination, helping me to access my habitual movement patterns and to reinforce and manipulate my existing knowledge of movement. During the live performative process, I am stepping in and out of recognition of any relevant mental image through the imaginative embodied movement practice. Through the repetitive movement patterns, I invite the spectator to visually and kinaesthetically participate in this abstract, forced, and energetic live improvisational performance. During the exploration, I am not conscious of the external world—I live in my imaginative world!

Work - in progress presentation at Triniy Laban Conversatiore of Music and Dance. 
March 29, 2022 in the framework of Research and Decelopmen module assesment. 

Practitioner and performer: Attila Andrasi
Music: Gábor Csongrádi
Humming: Attila Andrasi
Lighting: Mickie Mannion
Duration: 15 minutes