Change, formation, and transformation - movement research workshops

My current research is a repetitive motion construction in which I seek the resources of movement and the causes of change in a repetitive cycle. I am looking for repetitions of movement patterns, qualities, and physical and emotional states.

This workshop offers practical movement research tools to performance artists of various movement backgrounds. The tasks and information that will be provided require a high level of physicality and curiosity. Candidates should have adequate experience with contemporary dance.

The interesting thing is how to compile the technique, the much information and opportunity I put into my body, with the instinct of dance. How can I get a simple body or a simple experience with a trained body that is carried by a tribal dance or a small child jumping? How to find self-expression without censorship and how to gain all that technical qualification?

United Kingdom, London
2018 December 15.  

Music and sound designer: Gabor Csongradi
Filming and editing: Cheryl Wang
Space: Oh - Creative Space