Once upon a time

Once upon a time is a virtuosic and playful solo dance performance. My somaesthetic research has influenced the choreographic framework, combining embodied movement practice with spatial memory approaches. The immersive nature of the solo work questions the duality of adulthood and childhood, interpreting it as a lived experience. Across the dance performance will offer several metabiography narratives for the spectator to recall and reinterpret their hidden, naïve inner children. Through abstractions that are both recessive and expressive, the movement kinaesthetically and emotionally connects the audience to the solo performer. A lived-shared multisensory experience and the live music has a fluid, elegant melody and some characteristic patterns inspired by Boney M – Sunny funky (60') disco song. The music allows the performer to create a playful spatial exploration within his body, which is a comedic movement-based atmo phere that is almost Charlie Chaplin-esque.

Performer: Attila Andrasi
Sound & Music: Gábor Csongradi
Costume: Attila Andrasi
Video: Bálint Kovács
Images: Festival 10 Sentidos
Duration of the show: 15 - 20 minutes

Upcoming shows: 
2023 July 14, The Resolution Festival (UK)

Past shows: 
2020 July, OFFBEAT Festival (UK) cancelled
2019 November, Desembren Dansa Festival (ESP)
2019 October, Old Fire Station (UK)
2019 May, Festival 10 Sentidos (ESP)
2019 August, SÍN Studio Presentation (HU)