Creative Residency in Granolers and Mataró-Spain

Research and Development with work - in - progress presentation and open professional dance class.

After the first residency where Attila worked alone and spend some time to research the topic of his new work in Teatre Municipal de Lloret de Mar (Lloret - Spain) and in  Theatre L'ateneu De Cerla (Celra - Spain), he has been invited to Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escèniques (Mataro - Spain) and to the Roca Umbert Centre d’Arts en Moviment (Granollers - Spain) to work with the dramaturges Roberto Fratini (ESP) and Miranda Laurece (UK). 

During his residency time he has been teaching and presented the firs work - in - progress show in Mataró.

He investigated time and energy with his partners Krisztina Szirtes (HU) and Marc Lapuerta Lizana (ESP).

Music was cerated by Gábor Csongradi.

Images: Badarsag work -in- progress by Nora Baylach, Movement Class by Tonni Torrillas

Movemnet Class

Work in progress presentation

Current Research:

An important element of the process is association: the reinterpretation, rethinking and understanding of certain images, ideas or just everyday words. The current keywords we are working with are game, childhood and home.  What do these words mean to an adult, what do they mean in the present era? So, this is also a game. To relive something in a different time, with a different head.

What I am most interested in is the emotional effects that come out of the body and how I can become what I think and see. Childhood situations, memories, injuries, and the physical recollection of these will be the inspiration for the movement material. I don’t want to show my childhood, but to get creative forms from these experiences. During the process I don’t look for a linear process, I leave it to evolve by chance. In the end, however, what evolves must be transformed into a kind of story or a coherent world. It may not be an anecdote, but at least it is understandable to me.

Photos: Work -in- progres presentation by Nora Baylach and Movement Class by Toni Torrilla