‘Summertime’ is an 11-minute crafted choreography work which was created in the ‘Examining Practice’ module of MFA – Choreography at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London in December 2021. This was a 2-month, very intensive and productive process. I got familiar with the terminology of Practice and Methods.

The general outcome of this module was to enable the artist to situate the practice and integrate theory into practice. The program leader was Dr. Vânia Gala, who is a Portuguese choreographer and performance researcher who works in a transdisciplinary field.

“Her interests lie in experimental practices with an emphasis on notions of refusal, choreo-thinking, fugitivity, improvisation(s), black (non)performances, negotiation, dissensus, hospitality and value” (https://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/study/teaching-staff/dr-vania-gala/)

Vania introduces the methods of game and game structure for a choreography thinking. This was the primary future of my choreography practice. The game and game structure enable me to articulate and understand that play is a very important element of my artistic practice.

The outcome of this process was two types of methods. One method is focusing on the body and the felt experience – related to the somatic movement approach - and the second is working with tasking and direction to build scenes.

Directing or collaborating? Working with co-authorship or in an autonomous way?

One way of creating was easy and very imaginative, experimenting with play in a narrative way. The second was complicated, facilitating the improvisational process while the mover experimented with a playful mindset.

Creative Partners & Performers: 3rd year Undergraduate Students at Trinity Laban.

Giulia Quacqueri
Piera Gentile
Fabio Pronesti
Maria Vittoria Bortolotti
Margherita Massarott

Music: Lambada (Original Version 1989). Kaoma, Gonzalo Hermosa, Ulises Hermosa, Gonzalo Hermosa, Ulises Hermosa.

Sound effect consultation with Kohei Nakatsu 1st year Postgraduate Student at Trinity Laban.

Photo: Attila Andrasi