The Playground, Rambert (UK)


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I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the different artistic contributions in this session.

I was invited to facilitate a playful, choreography session at the The Playground, Rambert in London. This is a monthly based ongoing event which they organise very often. It is an amazing opportunity to interact, see local artists experimenting with different choreography ideas and approaches.

This session brought me luck to meet and collaborate with William Rowsell who was witnessing the sessions and captured some intuitive moments by his paint brushes. See the image at the top of this piece.

By immersing and setting a simple definition of this investigation has certainly brought a new insight in to my practice based research in the context of a ‘physical group game’. Throwing and passing an imaginative ball without indicating with gesticulation or in a verbal way. The process raised awareness of peripheral spatial exploration and to the surprising, unexpected excited momentum. Everyone experimented with the felt sense which was brought into the space by this object.

The constant expectation of becoming aware of the rule of the game which wasn’t really clarified and the unpredictability generated a playful and curious performance phenomenon which was fascinating to observe.

My role is always shifting in a process, especially nowadays when I spend some time at the outer space and spectating, observing and witnessing the process. However I always feel a deep connection to the embodied process as probably I am aware that I facilitate the process within this dual presence.
Filmed & edited: Movingimages by ines

Image: Fatima Sastre      Dancer: Kohen Nakatsu