Once upon a time 

Throughout the research process I have been trying to answer three big questions of life. Where humans originate? What are we made of? How do we progress?
The aim of my research is to create different images in relations to these questions. I was looking for something special in a performer and what makes them human and if they go through a “re birth” to become somebody or something else.
During the performance I am trying to play with pure simple things, like the movement of the an infant and with the growth of plants, I shift to a more abstract fantasy world. In the middle part of the piece I work with the idea of the growth of a child, childhood is made of more praise from the birth until maturity. In this part I play with the atmosphere of childhood. The third part is about the human sexes, roles and races. The forth and the final part is about the human action and power - this power I used to go into a kind of fairity character.

The original piece was made in 2016 at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance  (SEAD)

Performer: Attila Andrási

Text: Csenger Szabó

Music: Low- Lullaby

Video by: SensorReye