Attila Andrasi Dance Program is more than just an activity or a program; it's a vibrant, close-knit community bonded by shared values and beliefs. The members of this program are intrinsically linked through the boundless possibilities of creativity and the pursuit of lifelong learning, all encapsulated and expressed through the medium of dance and somatically informed movement practice.

It seeks to foster an environment where individuals can share the enriching experience of creative dance with others. The AADP aims to help individuals find creative, playful, and spontaneous expression in life through dance, providing an outlet for self-expression and personal growth.

In addition to promoting dance, the AADP also has a broader artistic mission. It aims to bring together various art forms from different disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach is designed to nurture and stimulate artistic growth, providing a platform where artists can draw inspiration from the human body and its movement. In this way, the program seeks to create a melting pot of artistic expression, fostering creativity and innovation in the world of dance and beyond.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To improve physical awareness through a variety of mindful, somatically-informed movement classes
  • To further enrich and challenge your existing art practice, if applicable
  • To discover creative inspiration from the body
  • To immerse yourself in a stimulating creative environment
  • To contribute to a new community value that promotes movement as a dialogue
  • To develop your toolkit for leading, hosting, and delivering community movement classes
  • To physically and spiritually keep yourself in on ongoing creative project

The program overview:

Classes take place on Saturdays from 11:00 to 16:00. This includes a 90-minute somatically informed mindful movement practice and a 180-minute collective creative lab.

The morning class will be led by a dance artist with a varied, somatically informed bodywork practice. In the afternoon, you'll be stimulated by creative props, whether they're related to imagination, embodiment, spatial concepts, or somatic scores. The core principle is to open up possibilities for experimentation and play. There will be room for autonomous work and collaboration among group members.


11:00 - 12:30: Movement class

12:30 - 13:00: Break

13:00 - 16:00: Collective creative lab (includes 15-minute breaks)


This program is recommended for those aiming to join a community where the focus is on the creative potential of the body and the collective consciousness. Primarily, it offers a range of tools for adults with no prior dance experience, as well as for artists from varied disciplines, be it music, fine arts, painting, or poetry. It also provides an opportunity for those who have an arts-related background but have changed their profession due to circumstances. This is a chance for us to foster similar principles and values, explore, express, and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded adults.


1st 3 month starts:

7th September until 30th November every Saturday (break on school breaks) from 11:00 - 16:00. 


Chisenhale Dance 
Space 64-84 Chisenhale Road, London, E3 5QZ


Monthly £180 via invoice including 20h training /p. month  

For more info about the program please email:  

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Front image from BADARSAG audition in Hungary by Imre Kövágo 

Second image from Playful Somaesthetics workshop in Tanzfabrik, Berlin by Diego Andrés Moscoso

The third image from the Open Movement class at Roca Umbert Fabric, Barcelona by Roca Umbert Fabric

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