The current situation is shocking to everyone. I need some help at the moment because the circumstances have not brought good opportunities in financial terms so I will try to get financial support in other ways to be safe and when our life is back I can start working and finding my way back. 


I was in the making my performance with my team in Spain and unfortunately we lost over 5000 Euros, we couldn’t finish making the piece, so we missed our premiere and all the other performance opportunities as well, Unfortunately I also lose all my  6 months income.


As a freelance artist, my income is coming form art and this is independent of the work. but usually this is almost  enough to cover my monthly expeensives , sometimes there are more project opportunities, but sometimes nothing, in which case I take some part-time, teaching, personal assisting and other hospitality work until a project or more serious teaching coming up, but at the moment nothing is front of me, no idea when would be the first income, maybe is 2 months but maybe at the moment is unpredictable as we are not going to go back in the 100% of the normal life for this reason I guess this wont be happen. All public events, workshops, theatres, museum gallery will be reduced and the financial cover mostly is coming from the government and from the public, if we are not going to see a show or taking any activist in the social culture filed we wont be supported. Each artist need to survive and think how to keep them self motivated and working with no resin to create or share. 


I would like to ask you to support me in this difficult situation, I am happy with any financial amount. 



All donations will be listed on my website and in all social media posts.


Donated people can receive one portfolio picture from this selection and plus one logo ticker from Attila branding. 

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