Pxls Channel 

This work  explores the concept of commonality within humanity, finding what we have in common with one another and what makes us our own individual person. We are trying to understand these individual humans all of whom have a different sexuality, physicality, gender and nationality and how they can all celebrate their individuality in a common society. Four performers share their own experiences, thoughts and feelings in common space in a channel that is sometimes literal or abstract. The manifestation of different feelings, human existence and different characters create a self-reflection and reflection of others, all this is shared, combined and complied creating a movement vocabulary and structure for the work.

Heading 1

Performed by Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, Christina Prompona, Lauren Ford and Attila Andrási

Music and Sound: Jeph Vanger

Choreographer Assistant: Panagiotis Pavlopoulous

Choreography by Attila Andrasi