Creators and performers: Attila Andrasi, Krisztina Szirtes Sound and Music: Gábor Csongradi
Costume and Visual: Reickhof Carolina
Mentor: Roberto Frattini

Dramaturge: Miranda Laurence

Producer: Alex Pujol - Tinglado D' Arts 

Photographer: Imre Kővágó Nagy

Filming and Editing: Dávid Pogonyi
D e s i g n e r : Jo t a G o n z a l e z




Badarság is a Hungarian word with a meaning similar to „nonsense”. But a nonsense with the naivity and playfulness of a child. Badarság is something only a pure, innocently ignorant, intact mind is capable of coming up with. It is something which makes no sense, but has so much charm, that it almost makes more sense than anything else.

The language of children is a magical world, where it is not essential to verbally understand each other in order to have a conversation, and where the meaning of certain words is a secret, what no outsider can ever truely understand. Therefore the title of the piece, „Badarság” will not be translated to other languages. Ways to give meaning to it will be searched within the piece, so the piece will give meaning to the title, rather than the other way around.


Badarsag Audition


Budapest, 07/07/2019


Teachers: Attila Andrasi, Krisztina Szirtes


Workshop Foundation, Budapest 

Tinglado D’arts Escéniques

photos by ©KNI