Thanks to the residency opportunity and financial support, I was able to instigate my research inquiries with local dance practitioners as well as research and practice in the multidisciplinary areas of light designing, costume designing, dramaturgy, and sound to expand and challenge my choreography practice. 

The 4-week intensive research and development process ended with a studio theatre presentation which included a 15-minute crafted performance and Q&A. 

Contributed to the process:
Miranda Laurece (UK) – dramaturg 
Roberto Fratini Serafide (IT) – dramaturg Krizstina Szirtes (HU) – dancer 
Marc Luperta (SPA) – dancer 
Antonio Gomez (SPA) – designer 
Macarena Placios (SPA) – light designer 
Nora Baylach (SPA) – photographer 
Alex Pujol I Pugvehi (SPA) – executive producer

Creative Residences: 
Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escèniques (Mataro – Spain). Roca Umbert Centre d’Arts en Moviment (Granollers - Spain).

Workshop Foundation (Budapest - Hungary), Studio Wayne Mcgregor (London - UK), Oxford Dance Forum (Oxford - UK), Teatre Municipal de Lloret de Mar (Lloret - Spain), Theatre L'ateneu De Cerla (Celra - Spain), Hungarian Government Department of Culture (Hungary, Budapest)

Tinglado D’Arts Escèniques Management Company (Girona - Spain)

Photos: Work -in- progress presentation by Nora Baylach and Movement Class by Toni Torrilla

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