This performance signifies the culmination of my 2-year MFA Choreography degree at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and the beginning of my creative transition from a dance artist practitioner into the field of choreography and dramaturgy.

The performance explores the physical embodiment of foolishness, the quality of failure, and human nature through the concept of triviality.

It challenges and provokes us to consider how we create and dismantle social norms and ethics without borders. 

The movement research and practice, which speculate through variations of choreography principles, enhance somatic creative autonomy. The choreography ventures into the imagination of theatrical and performative presence, bringing us closer to the performers in an intimate atmosphere. This proximity allows us to observe and contemplate the gender, body, and nature of neurodiversity.

"Your ability to realise an exciting public outcome, take real risks and transcend formal barriers resulted in an outstanding original work. The work evidenced successful collaboration with a lighting design that was both well-considered and powerful and an epic experimental live sound score. The performance was an excellent contribution to professional practice, recognisably innovative, creative and of superb quality. A rigorous choreographic process resulted in exceptional performances from all performers.”   

by Supervisor  Charles Linehan

10 July, 2023
Bonnie Bird Theatre at 7:30 PM

Choreography and direction: 

Attila Andrasi

Created with and performed by: 

Alize Herzog, Maya Takeda, Kohei Nakatsu, and Anna Korzik


Supervisor & Mentor: 
Charles Linehan

Clown taster workshop facilitator: 
Dr Jon Davison

Asher Studio 

Mickie Mannion

Fay Patterson

AV support: 
Ian Peppiat

This video was made during the performance day as a documentary. 

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