Attila Andrási is an Hungarian contemporary dance artist. He began his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance College and continued his studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg. Attila has been on the creative career since 2017. With his creations he seeks to find out how motion can be interpreted and how motion gets a role where technical knowledge is not the essence but what motion can achieve. Use free improvisation and work with different movement qualities. For him, discovering movement with his own body is like a kid playing his loveliest game. Attila looks for humor and sincerity in the rehearsal room and tries to put it together as if it were a scene in the present. It is a challenge for him to commit improvisation, but he finds it beautiful. His first solo work, Once Upon a Time - was selected in January 2019 in Berlin at Pual Studio and in May 2019 he was shortlisted in the Festival 10 Sentido Choreographic Competition in Valencia. During all this, Attila worked with artists of other nationalities, visual artists, performing artists. For example, Katalin Anna Németh - HZT Academy Berlin, Berlin / Andre Canepa - The Ryde Galery, London and Rosana Antoli - The Tate Galery, London. 

Attila's current work is Badarság, which is produced in Spain with the support of Tinglado D’Arts. - Alex Pujol 


Solo performances: 

2019 - Desembren Dansa Festival, Cerla "Badarsag" ( work - in - progress ) 

2019 - Oxford Old Fire Station, Oxford  "Once Upon a Time 2 "

2019 - Festival 10 Sentidos, Valencia "Once Upon a Time 2 "

2019 - Paul Studio, Berlin "Once Upon a Time" 


2019 - Tate Modern Gallery, London "The kick inside, The Loop Outside" by Rosana Antolí

2018 - The Ryde Project Gallery, London ‘Until it lives in the muscle’by Andrea Canepa 

2018 - Fridge Festival, “To the Edge” by Hack Balett Company

2018 - Uferstudio, Berlin “Work/Play/Muse” by Anna Németh

Performances Experience: 

2017 - Salzburg To Spring Tanzfestival. “There Is No Parde” by Alleyne Dance Compnay

2017 -Tanz Haouse Festival in Salzburg. “What The Body Does Remember” Ultima Vez repertoire by Eduardo Torroja.

2017 - Symphonic Dance in Salzburg “ Elusive Elusive” by Jelka Millic

2017 - “Yes We Can!” by Elton Petri at New Face New Dance Festival in Salzburg.

2016- “Silence Hommade John Cage” by Iván Angelus, Budapest Trafó

2016 - “Popont” by Júlia Vavra Budapest Trafó

2016 - Betakaírtás Trafó Budapest “Sövény” by Viktoria Dány

2016 - “Nem dorombol, cask a testében érzem” by Cuhorka Emese

2015 - “Ördöglakat” by Sándor Petrovics, Budapest Trafó


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