Badarság is a Hungarian word meaning "nonsense," but with the naivety and playfulness of a child. It is something that only a pure, innocently ignorant, intact mind can produce. It makes no sense but has so much charm.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, 'Badarság' received a small grant from the Hungarian Government and the National Dance Theatre in the Köszönjük Magyarország! program. In a co-authored creative work environment in Budapest, Krisztina and I re-investigated our previous residency materials, methods, and topics, and examined our practice. The outcome was a 15-minute crafted performance that invites the audience to recall a naive, playful memory from their social and moral life.

Shared authorship:
Attila Andrási and Krisztina Szirtes

Imre Kövágyó, KNI 

Performances in 2021: 
Mozgások Éjszakája, Kiszombor
Bartók Bála Általános Iskola, Makó 
Deszki Hagyomány Napja, Deszk 
Igazgyöngy Alapítvány, Berettyóújfalu 
Premier Művészeti Szakközép, Szeged 

Supporters and partners: 
Workshop Foundation, Budapest 
Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Budapest 
National Dance Theatre, Budapest 
Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources

Previous residencies: 
Cas Gasol Centre de Creció d’arts Escéniques, Mataro and Roca Umbert Centre d’Arts en Moviment, Granollers

Photos by KNI 

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