Writing my MFA Thesis at Creative Garden 

I had planned to write a short reflection every day on what I did during the day. However, when I sat in front of the computer, I found that I had no energy to write. 

On Day 1, I experienced a feeling of finally being separated from the city, the loud noise, and listening to people's inappropriate conversations on the tube or during travel. I really enjoyed the silence! I could just be close to nature without having to travel because I was already with nature. I could sit outside on the open balcony and listen to the rain as ambient sound and sometimes the conversations from the neighbouring lamps. It was such a joy and relief.

On Day 2, I was confused and spent time reading and reorienting my research inquiry/question. After presenting my final work at Laban, I stopped thinking or even talking about the piece. I needed time.

On Day 3, I finally figured out what I really wanted to research. Although I realized that I was researching backwards, haha, I knew I had already done some reading and research, but the real work was just starting now. I could not write my thesis at the same time as I was creating my graduation showcase. It felt somehow wrong to write about it as it had not been presented. Of course, I could write about the practices and how we worked during the studio practice, but I have done this before for almost every rehearsal.

On Day 4, I fully became aware of the conceptual theoretical framework that I needed to review. I even created a thesis title: "Outside(r) and Inside(r): Creative Methodologies for Division Performance Practice."

On Day 5 (today), I immersed myself in the new fields to dissect what is normal/heteronormative/neurotypical, and so on and collected many works of literature and materials to read, watch, and generate further inquiries. One new terminology that came to me was "Neuroqueer," which is a unique perspective. It is not about being queer to be neuroqueer. So, I'm kind of here.

I have two more days to enjoy the CSEND!  

Pilisszentkereszt (HRSZ 11)


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