In the context of this piece, titled 'Badarság', the decision has been made not to translate it into other languages. Instead, the focus will be on discovering ways to imbue meaning into the title from within the piece itself. The intention behind this approach is to create a deliberate interplay between the title and the content, where the piece will actively contribute to the meaning of the title, rather than the title dictating the meaning of the piece.

The language of children, with all its whimsical charm, is a realm that operates on its own set of rules. It is a magical world where verbal comprehension is not the sole foundation of communication. In this realm, conversations can unfold without a strict requirement for understanding every word spoken. It is a realm where the meaning of certain words carries a mystical quality, forever remaining a secret that outsiders can never truly grasp.

Sismograf El Festival Movement April 15, 2020 (cancelled due to Covid-19) 

Studio premier: 
Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escéniques, Mataró.
February 29, 2020.

Created and performed: 
Krisztina Szirtes , Marc Lapuerta and Attila Andrasi 

Sound and music: 
Gabor Csongradi 

Miranda Laurence and
Roberto Fratini Serafide 

Antonio Gomez 

Lighting Design: 
Macarena Palacios 

Nora Baylach 

Imre Kövágó 

Executive Production:
Alex Pujol 

Creative residency:
Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escèniques, Mataro, and Roca Umbert Centre d’Arts en Moviment, Granollers.

Workshop Foundation, Budapest 

Studio Wayne Mcgregor, London 

Oxford Dance Forum, Oxford

Teatre de Lloret de Mar, Lloret 

Theatre L'ateneu De Cerla, Celra

Nemzeti Kulturáis Alap, Hungary 

Audition:  July 17, 2019, at Workshop Foundation, Budapest.

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