Once upon a time 2

The simple things we turn into complicated, the complicated ones we take too simple.


Being an easy child to know what kind of ice cream we answer? Or rather, what's so complicated 20 years later?


"Oh my kid” And then he was touched, gentle glances, melted ice hearts. Ancestors for our own children, others for our children, for the children of the past and for the children of the future. And all this is perhaps the devotion and the care of the child who lives in the soul. Although the child is infinitely selfish and irresponsible.


The child is just playing, practicing so that he knows it then very well as a grownup. He has not yet understood anything but is curious and observes. Adults know things very well? No need to watch, practice, learn any more, just push everything out of routine and muscle so that after a few years of grinding we look around and look at the world without meaning.

Supporters: Workshop Foundation (Budapes, Hungary), Studio Wayne Mcgregor (London, UK), Old Fires Staion, (Oxford,UK) 

Created: Attila Andrasi 

Performer: Attila Andrasi 

Sound and Music: Gábor Csongradi 

Studio performance 2019 

Budapest SÍN - Sín Culture Centre