Creative movement research tool workshop:

Perceptive Ball 

Perceptive ball’ is part of my creative movement research toolbox which aims to synchronise the body and mind through experimenting with the active and passive observations of one’s physical and emotional state. 

While the visionary ball is rolling, bouncing, and floating, it activates somatic awareness and consciousness, enabling the mover to pay close attention to the sensory system: interoceptors, exteroceptors, proprioceptors, and kinaesthesia.

The somatic experience of the creative workshop pays close attention to the self and being in the act, focusing on perceptual attention and variation of the constant self-reflexive internal and external observations and the physical dialogue within the practice.

My research interest in movement patterns that have been experienced and embodied provides important embodied information about ourselves physically, spiritually, and morally. It is essential within my practice to be attentive and try to retrace and recall felt individual experiences through studio investigation.

The immersive nature of the project facilitates moving intuitively while we work with multidisciplinary documentation, which will help to retrace pathways and critically and analytically reflect on the experience.

This workshop offers an artistic and intellectual learning outcome in an autonomous studio practice environment and produces explicit knowledge for future investigation



Marc 2023

Choreolab Festival, Arnhem 

Nov 2022

Kinetic Dance Space, Athen 

Images by Nicoletta Zarifi  

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