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Curriculum Vitae 

Attila Andrasi

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  • Biography

I first came into contact with dance in my homeland - Szeged and Mezokovácsháza (Hungary) in the form of classical ballet, folk dance and ballroom dancing. At the age of 18, I was accepted to stuy at the Budapest Contemporary Dance school. During my years there, I immersed myself in the world of contemporary dance and discovered the joy of creation. I worked together with, among others, Iván Angelus, Emese Cuhorka Adrin Hód ,Tamás Bakó and Éva Karcazg. Budapest Contemporary Dance school is based on independent research and development. I worked a lot to find out what interests me as a dance artist.

I then continued my studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Here I had the opportunity to participate in international performances and festivals and at the same to create my own work and collaborate with other students.

As a dance creator, my first success was my performance of “Once upon a time,” which was included in the Festival 10 Sentidos program in Valencia. Following that I collaborated with visual artists and choreographers at the Tate Modern Gallery in London and at the HZT Academy in Berlin. I then had the opportunity to delve into my solo performance in Spain with the support of Tinglado (an artistic management platform). This solo also brought me a 7 week tour of India. During this tour, I introduced contemporary dance to amateur dance groups  and they reciprocated with Bollywood and traditional Inida dance.   

In early 2020, I worked on the development of my new project titled Badarsag with my co-collaborator Krisztina Szirtes and musician Gábor Csongrádi in Center d’Arts en Moviment, Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, Spain. During the residency I worked with Roberto Frattini, a Spanish dramaturge and university professor, who has worked with several international choreographers. I also worked with Miranda Laurence a British freelance dance dramaturge and coach.

Unfortunately, Badarság was not finished because of the world epidemic. We had to stop the creation. My new work would have been presented at the Sismograf Dance Festival in May 2020.

After the outbreak of Covid - 19, I received a small grant from the Hungarian Government in the framework of the Köszönjük Magyarország! program. With this support I made a short presentation of the piece and re-interpreted my previous work from Spain.

Krisztina and I travelled to the Great Southern plains of Hungary and introduced ourselves to the local art schools and villages. Some of these places had never experienced a contemporary dance performance. Badasrag is inspired by the duality of childhood and adulthood. The feedback we had from the primary school children helped further the development of the work.

  • Education

2020 - 2021 Eltan volt KFT, Hungary - cultural event organizer
2015 – 2017 Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria
2010 – 2015 Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Hungary 
2005 – 2010 Royal Ballet Elementary Dance Training, Hungary

  • Works

2020 – Audience Program, Hungary
2020 - Thetre de la Cerla, Cerla „Badarság” - cancelled
2020 - Sismograf, Olot „Badarsaág”- cancelled
2020 – Roca Umbert Residency, Spain
2020 - OffBeat Festival Oxford, Oxford „ Once upon a time 2”- cancelled
2019 - Desembren Dansa Festival, Cerla "Badarsag" (work - in – progress)
2019 - India  Workshop Touring
2019 - Oxford Old Fire Station, Oxford "Once Upon a Time 2”
2019 - Festival 10 Sentidos, Valencia "Once Upon a Time 2 "
2019 - Paul Studio, Berlin "Once Upon a Time"
2018 – Budapest, SÍN “A.R.E”

  • Performance Experience

2017 - Salzburg To Spring Tanzfestival. “There Is No Parde” by Alleyne Dance
2017 - Tanz Haouse Festival in Salzburg. “What The Body DoesRemember”
2017 - Symphonic Dance in Salzburg “ Elusive Elusive” by Jelka Millic
2017 - “Yes We Can!” by Elton Petri at New Face New Dance Festival in Salzburg
2017 - “ Silence Hommade John Cage” by Iván Angelus, Budapest Trafó
2016 - “Popont” by Júlia Vavra Budapest Trafó
2016 - Betakaírtás Trafó Budapest “Sövény” by Viktoria Dány
2016 - “Nem dorombol, cask a testében érzem” by Cuhorka Emese
2015 - “Ördöglakat” by Sándor Petrovics, Budapest Trafó

  • Collaboration

2019 - Tate Modern Gallery, London "The kick inside, The Loop Outside"
2018 - The Ryde Project Gallery, London “Until it lives in the muscle”
2018 - Fridge Festival, “To the Edge” by Hack Balett Company
2018 - Uferstudio, Berlin “Work/Play/Muse” by Anna Németh
2017 – Cialo Festival, Warsaw “ Variation of Interior by Lior Lazarof

  • Teaching / Workshop (2018 - 2020)

The Moving Space, Durg – Bhila
Shevi School of Dance, Mumbai
Dhurii Movement Studio, Bengaluru
TripSpace, London
Studio Pro Arte Freiburg, Germany
Centre d ́Arts en Moviment - Roca Umbert, Barcelona
Choreography Lab, Yerevan Armenia
Dansverksiceland, Reykjavíkurborg
Escoladedansa, Cerla
ZeroPlus Dance Stuido, Budapest
Oh - Creativ Space, London
Dock 11, Berlin
Paul Studio, Berlin
Onyx Studio, London