Badarság performance

The language of children is a magical world, where it is not essential to verbally understand each other to have a conversation, and where the meaning of certain words is a secret that no outsider can ever truly understand. This work is about experimenting with a playful mindset and questioning the dichotomy between adult and child.

The title of the piece, ‘Badarság’, will not be translated into other languages. Ways to give meaning to it will be searched for within the piece, so the piece will intentionally give meaning to the title, rather than the other way around.

World premier: Sismograf El Festival Moviment April 15, 2020,(cancelled duo to Covid-19)

Studio premier: Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escéniques,Mataró. February 29, 2020.

Choreography: Attila Andrasi Performers: Krisztina Szirtes and Marc Lapuerta
Sound and music: Gabor Csongradi
Dramaturgy: Miranda Laurence and Roberto Fratini Serafide
Costume: Antonio Gomez
Lighting Design: Macarena Palacios Photographer: Nora Baylach Executive Production and Management: Alex Pujol

Residences: Can Gasol Centre de creació d’arts escèniques, Mataro. Roca Umbert Centre d’Arts en Moviment, Granollers.

Supporters: Workshop Foundation, Budapest. Studio Wayne Mcgregor, London. Oxford Dance Forum, Oxford. Teatre Municipal de Lloret de Mar, Lloret. Theatre L'ateneu De Cerla, Celra. Hungarian Govermnet Department of Culture, Hungary.

Audition: July 17, 2019.
Workshop Foundation, Budapest.

Filmed and edited: David Pogony