(work in progress)

“Rainbow displays intriguing explorations around shifts of weight in the body informed by both clowning and dance. The diverse use of objects also leaves residues of weight on the body. I wonder at times why we feel sad for the clown even when they look joyful. Perhaps what Andrási offers is that ‘the clown’ holds up a mirror to us as they carry the weight of our insecurities and limitations”   

Review by Dance Art Journal: work in progress presentation on November 25th at Chisenhale Dance Space, London

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Rainbow is a deeply thoughtful and gripping autobiographical performance that delves into the fascinating crossroads of the performer's inner clown and a layered, somatically informed physical narrative.

This performance uniquely intertwines a compelling story with physical humour and thoughtful self-reflection. The artist's exploration of his inner clown infuses the narrative with lightness and playfulness. Simultaneously, the physical narrative, enriched by somatic experiences, offers a grounded, physical dimension that deepens and complicates the performance. This remarkable combination of elements results in an experience that is both engaging and introspective.

Created & performed by: 

Attila Andrasi


Miranda Laurence



Clown mentor: 

Jon Davison

Creative residency: 

Lake Studio Berlin 


Maria Kousi 

Supported by

Arts Council England

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