Practice the "Encounter Clown" dance

Practice as research: 

In the practice of Encounter clown dance, my main focus lies in delving deep into the profound essence and sheer joy that is associated with the art of clowning. I have a heightened sense of curiosity about how this unique and transformative experience can be seamlessly integrated into a movement practice that is informed by somatic principles. This integrative approach opens up an array of intriguing questions - how does the act of clowning, with its focus on humour, mimicry, and physicality, leave an imprint on the nature of one's movement practice? What new forms of expression, creativity, and communication could potentially emerge from this fusion of clowning and somatic movement? Furthermore, how can this amalgamation contribute to enriching an artistic practice, adding layers of depth and authenticity to it? Lastly, how can it be woven into our daily lives, thereby enabling us to lead a life that is more authentic, joyous, and fulfilling?

Outline of the workshop: 

During the workshop, we will engage in a process of rigorous brainstorming and delve into the exploration of the question at hand in a physical manner. Our goal is to create a dynamic environment where ideas can flow freely and every participant can contribute their unique perspectives to the discussion.

As a facilitator of this workshop, my role is not just to lead, but also to inspire and cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity. I aim to assist each one of you in not only understanding but fully experiencing the state of clowning. 

We will play, have fun, and learn together in an immersive experience where the power of play is not only recognized but actively harnessed for our collective growth and learning.


Image from Unfinished Friday Lake Studio by 

Maria Kousi 

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